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California Probate Estate

California Probate Estate

Helping families like yours with
Probate Estates in California
for 30 years.
If you have questions about how to probate a California Estate, with or without a last Will, or about the administration of a probate estate in which you are a beneficiary, call us for a free consultation
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Our Role as Your Probate Attorneys

Probate is the process of establishing that a deceased person’s Will is valid and legal or to arrange for the disposition of the estate if there is no will. The probate court will appoint a personal representative (or an executor) to administer the estate and distribute assets to the intended beneficiaries. 

As probate attorneys, Moravec, Varga & Mooney can assist you regardless of whether or not you are appointed as a personal representative or if you are a beneficiary and wish to protect your rights to ensure you get your fair share of the decedent's estate. 

Unfortunately, not all Probate and Trusts Administrations are free from strife. Often, the parent, during their life, was the “glue” holding the family together, and without the glue the family ties are weakened.  Add to this the stress of an inheritance and disputes often arise.  Being fully informed of your rights will help you to make an informed decision as how best for you to proceed.  

Having assisted personal representatives as well as beneficiaries in disputes for over 30 years, 
Moravec, Varga & Mooney is uniquely qualified to offer you a balanced perspective on all the parties’ rights and duties.

Linda M. Varga Partner
Linda M. Varga
Henry J. Moravec III Partner
Henry J. Moravec III
F. Bentley Mooney 1936-2019
F. Bentley Mooney
Mee Y. Chang Paralegal/Secretary
Mee Y. Chang

Assisting Executors with Probate of Wills

Assisting Executors with Probate of Wills

If you are appointed as personal representative of an estate in probate, you undertake certain legal obligations, including the fiduciary responsibility for administering the estate properly and in a timely manner.

As personal representative you will be required by law to oversee and manage the entire probate process, which includes:

  • Cataloging all property of the decedent (including real property and personal property).

  • Paying any debts, claims or taxes that are due.

  • Collecting any income (royalties, stock dividends, etc.) that was owed to the deceased.

  • Settling financial and property disputes.

  • Filing the decedent’s final income tax return

  • Filing the estate tax return, if required. 

  • Preparing an accounting of estate assets and expenses. 

  • Litigating any creditors’ claims.

  • Distributing or transferring the remaining property to heirs.

It is ill-advised to undertake this responsibility without qualified legal help. Under certain circumstances, an estate’s personal representative may be financially penalized (surcharged) for missteps. In the meantime, beneficiaries of the estate can become inpatient and demanding.

Moravec, Varga & Mooney has worked with the California probate courts for more than 27 years, and can provide you with guidance and advice throughout the probate process.

We will help you navigate probate court.

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Assisting Beneficiaries in Probate Court

If you have been named a beneficiary to a legal will in California, you have certain established rights including, first and foremost, the right to receive your inheritance.

You also have:


The right to information about the assets of the probate estate.

calculator with coins

The right to an accounting of the transactions of the probate estate.

It is also true that you have the legal right to challenge a will that you believe is unfair or does not represent the deceased’s actual desires. 

Moravec, Varga & Mooney has more than 30 years of experience representing beneficiaries, as well as personal representatives, of estates in probate. This makes our attorneys uniquely qualified to offer you a balanced perspective on the rights and duties of all parties in a potential dispute.

Our mission as your attorneys is to diplomatically assert and defend your rights, and to ensure that you receive what you are intended to inherit.

Moravec, Varga & Mooney is a boutique law firm that:

Specializes in California probate, estate, trust and tax law. We offer experienced and sophisticated legal advice to help individuals and families properly manage their assets and provide for their loved ones, friends and charities.

Has experienced attorneys who have more than 30 years in the California probate courts. While we are located in Los Angeles County, we are qualified to provide legal assistance throughout the State of California.

Is AV-rated by Martindale-Hubbell® Peer Review Ratings, which means our peers rank members of our firm among the highest level of professional excellence.


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