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California Probate Estate

California Probate Estate

Helping you navigate probate court.

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California Probate Administration

Managing a California probate estate with numerous assets and beneficiaries can be overwhelming therefore an experienced California probate attorney who can provide legal assistance is always highly advisable.  

As the personal representative, you have a fiduciary duty to administer the probate estate properly and timely and can, under certain circumstances, be surcharged (financially penalized) for missteps.  Beneficiaries can be very demanding and tensions often run high. 

As a personal representative, you will be required to oversee and manage the entire probate process which means marshaling all of the probate assets, having the probate assets appraised, seeking prior Court approval for certain actions, formally notifying creditors of the probate administration, file the decedent’s final income tax returns, file estate tax returns and prepare a formal accounting of the probate estate’s assets and expenses. 


Moravec, Varga & Mooney has over 30 years of experience with the California probate courts and can expertly guide you through the probate process. While we are located in Los Angeles County, we are qualified to provide legal assistance throughout the State of California.

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Trust beneficiary representation

If you are a beneficiary of a probate estate, Moravec, Varga & Mooney can help you to not only understand your rights, but to protect your rights.  Your rights as a beneficiary include: 

  • The right to information about the assets of the estate;

  • The right to an accounting of the transactions of the estate; and

  • The right to receive distributions. 


With over 30 years of experience Moravec, Varga & Mooney can advise you as to whether or not the estate’s personal representative is properly performing his/her duties and whether or not you need to enforce your rights by formally interjecting yourself in the court proceedings.

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& Contests

California probate litigation and contests

Unfortunately, not all Probate and Trusts Administrations are free from strife. Often, the parent, during their life, was the “glue” holding the family together, and without the glue the family ties are weakened.  Add to this the stress of an inheritance and disputes often arise.  Being fully informed of your rights will help you to make an informed decision as how best for you to proceed. 


Having represented both personal representatives, as well as beneficiaries, for over 30 years in the dispute arena Moravec, Varga & Mooney is uniquely qualified to offer you a balanced perspective on all the parties’ rights and duties.

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