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MediCal Planning

Medi-Cal Planning

Planning to qualify for and
preserve Medi-Cal benefits. 


medi-cal planning, medical planning, asset protection

Medi-Cal Planning is a form of “asset protection” that involves planning to help an individual qualify for or retain Medi-Cal benefits. Under current law, Medi-Cal is a “financial need based” form of governmental benefit (unlike, for example, Social Security disability benefits which are based upon disability, not financial need). Medi-Cal, which can pay for long term care, requires a person to have very little in the way of assets or income to qualify for assistance. However, with the exceptions for certain types of assets, knowing what counts as “income,” and how certain forms of property can be completely excluded from consideration, a person can qualify for Medi-Cal notwithstanding the fact that they have substantial assets. 

While the analysis can be complex, Moravec, Varga & Mooney has been helping clients for over 30 years legally and successfully preserve their wealth through proper planning.

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